Start a New Record

  1. Click "Home Treatment Diary" from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

    Click Home Treatment Diary

  2. Click "Create New Entry" which is located below the "Home Treatment Diary" menu option

    Click New Entry

    Light BulbA blank diary entry form will be displayed.  The default date for each new record is the current day's date.  If the date of treatment is different then the current date, the date can be changed by highlighting the date present in the date textbox and hitting your backspace button on your keyboard or simply click the button next to the date textbox to select a date on the calendar.

  3. Enter the date of treatment in the date textbox.

  4. Enter date

  5. If there is a specific time of treatment you can select "morning, afternoon, or evening" from the       "-Select Time-" drop down box.  If a time does not need to be specified you may leave this drop down box blank.

  6. Enter the assay amount as the *SINGLE vial amount of the bottle you are using, not your total dose.  If you use different vial amounts, create a new entry for each different vial amount.

  7. Enter assay

  8. Select the number of vials that was used of each vial amount.  Numbers between one(1) and twenty-five(25) may be selected.

  9. Enter Vial Amount

  10. Enter the lot number for each vial of factor used for the assay amount for this specific treatment record.  Use a new textbox for each lot number, if extra text boxes are needed, click "Add a New Lot Number" and a new text box will appear.

  11. Enter Lot Numbers

  12. Select your reason for your treatment; if this is an "On Demand" treatment, enter the reason for infusion in the textbox; ex: L Knee.

  13. Enter Reason for Infusion

  14. If you have more records to add, click "Save & Add New" and a new treatment entry form will appear.  If you are done entering records, click "Save."  If you need to completely cancel your entry, click "cancel."

  15. Save or save and Add New